amBX is uniquely intelligent software that manages sophisticated and dynamic lighting experience.


 amBX software breaks the traditional link of programming for specific devices in specific locations through an abstracted model providing simple and rapid delivery of complex effects. This allows for new ways of designing and delivering experiences for any space from single rooms to large auditoria with, until now, unachievable levels of efficiency, flexibility and interactivity.

amBX technology has been developed to suit a wide range of applications including:

 GENERAL LIGHTING - amBX is cutting edge, patented software which delivers the full tange of lighting experience 

 ENTERTAINMENT – amBX adds enhanced experience to all movies, music and games

 BIO-ADAPTIVE LIGHTING – intelligent and dynamic control to manage optimum lighting for people at work and at home 

amBX technology is available as a professional lighting control solution and also included in other products and solutions via a growing range of suppliers and resellers

amBX Technology Presentation
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