amBX is a fundamentally different approach to lighting control.

 amBX is a disruptive control software technology that allows all the benefits of Networked & Digital Solid State Lighting to be realized in a repeatable, easily deliverable and cost effective way that no other lighting software can match. The amBX software has been developed for on the lighting market and delivers new levels of performance and cost advantage in major sectors of the global lighting market:

Connected Lighting (lighting connected on internet based networks)
Commercial lighting projects of all sizes
Bio-adaptive lighting for optimum human-centric lighting experience in any space

Across all of these applications amBX is a fundamentally different approach to lighting control that breaks the traditional programmed link between control and device. It delivers on the promise of high performance lighting control without the need for costly programming and complex technical interfaces which are a universal feature of other systems available. This brings significant operational and cost advantages to amBX clients and being a software-based system ensures it is ideal for the efficient rollout of systems using Connected Lighting.