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Welcome to amBX Wiki

amBX UK Ltd is a technology licensing business. amBX - short for "ambient experiences" - is a technology that delivers full "sensory surround" entertainment experiences. amBX enables content creators to add real world effects using light, colour, rumble and air flow, through licensed amBX devices, to the virtual worlds of computers, games, music, movies and TV entertainment. With amBX the entertainment world can be brought into the real world to create incredible immersive experiences. The use of amBX to control lighting will revolutionise the way in which professional lighting installers use LED lighting, from large scale architectural installations through to bars, restaurants, cinemas and home theatre set ups. amBX is a privately owned UK business whose team includes the inventors of amBX technology which was originally developed within Philips Research Laboratories. amBX UK Limited was formed in 2008. About amBX

Here you will find help and tips for getting the most out of your amBX software and hardware.

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Other support resources: | Forum | Beta Forum | Downloads | Guide to Setting up your amBX software | Developer SDK

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