World-leading intelligent technology at the heart of modern connected lighting systems


Smart Core
Light. Years ahead.

Smart lighting and building systems are only as intelligent as the software that controls them. That’s what makes Smart Core so ground-breaking. With a focus on human wellness and sophisticated control, Smart Core is the beating heart of modern connected lighting systems.




Perfect for today’s and tomorrow’s office, healthcare and education buildings


Ready for tomorrow’s demanding environments

Designed for integration with building systems and for use with multiple lighting types, Smart Core is the ideal choice where true intelligence is required in offices, education and healthcare buildings. Design and functionality compromise is no longer a reality with Smart Core’s flexible and adaptive design and powerful system. 

Smart Core software controls installations of all sizes and is already a leader in new technology standards such as PoE (Power over Ethernet) lighting systems.  

Ready for tomorrow’s demanding environments, Smart Core comes with full capability for human-centric lighting as well as rapid and simple ways to update how spaces are used. 

Our intelligent control and management platform is proven, cost effective and provides unparalleled ease of use.


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