Perfect for today’s and tomorrow’s office, healthcare and education buildings


No compromise design

With Smart Core, designs for buildings, interiors and lighting are no longer compromised by proprietary technology or products. Smart Core works with most lighting types and protocols in a single room or across a whole building. And with human-centric bio-adaptive lighting control as standard, designs can be optimised for maximum wellbeing.


Future-proof integration

Smart Core’s open API allows full integration with building management systems together with access to real-time data from an intelligent lighting system. Building owners and operators can ensure their system is operating at maximum efficiency and gain valuable insights on building use from this data.

This will lead to better human-centric lighting at desks, in meeting rooms and public spaces, in terms of intensity and colour changes
— David Eves, CTO amBX

Scalable and flexible

As a control system in software, Smart Core is inherently scalable and flexible for projects of all type and sizes. The unique Light-Scene technical architecture enables contractors, installers and integrators to configure and install systems in a fraction of the time needed for conventional programmed systems.


Bio-adaptive lighting

The principle of bio-adaptive lighting is to provide artificial light controlled in such a way as to match the needs of human biological cycles, or circadian rhythms, in the most effective and appropriate way. It provides for improved health and wellbeing and supports aspects of human behaviour that benefit from varied and changeable lighting.


Smart Core features…

  • Powerful and scalable real-time virtualised engine

  • Dynamic management of high volumes of sensor data

  • amBX Light-Scene architecture removes need for complex and costly programming

  • Rapid setup and re-configuration functionality to reduce costs

  • Bio-adaptive lighting capability in any space

  • Designed for full integration with BMS and 3rd party building systems

  • Sophisticated lighting control independent of lighting type and protocol